Gambling Problems | Suzanne Koch Eckenrode
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Gambling Problems

I have been treating gamblers and their loved ones for over two decades. And now with State-funded treatment, I am able to offer gambling counseling at no cost.

  • Has gambling taken control of your life?
  • Do you spend more time or money gambling than you planned?
  • Do you gamble to escape problems or feelings such as stress, boredom, anger, loss, emptiness or loneliness?
  • Do you feel depressed, remorseful, anxious or suicidal after gambling?
  • Are you experiencing more problems in your finances, relationships, work or health because of your gambling?
  • Do you lie or make excuses for your gambling?
  • Are you embarrassed or ashamed about your gambling?

Through therapy you can find the help and hope you need to make life without gambling possible:

  • Find the strength to live your life free from gambling and other addictions
  • Decrease your financial pressures and stressors
  • Manage urges and other triggers to gamble
  • Develop healthy coping skills, relationships and activities in place of gambling
  • Rebuild your self-esteem
  • Deal with the guilt, shame and other painful feelings related to or beneath the gambling
  • Regain trust and become trustworthy
  • Find support without judgment

Call, text or email for a confidential consultation, or to schedule a free session: 619-405-6180 or [email protected].